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30+ CNY Dishes For The Upcoming Chinese New Year Celebration


cny dish

Chinese New Year (CNY) will fall on Saturday, February 10th, 2024, starting The Year of the Dragon (龙年). It’s a tradition to gather and eat with families during this time.

A variety of dishes, ranging from noodles, beef, and pork to dumplings, are popular menus that people would cook to celebrate CNY with their families. Have you decided on which CNY dishes to cook for this festive season?

If not, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve compiled a list of CNY food ideas covering classic choices and contemporary menus that you can try this year. Each recipe also includes the required ingredients and detailed instructions.

Time to explore the choices!

36 Worth-Trying CNY Dishes

Beef and Mushroom Noodle Soup

Beef and mushroom noodle soup is one of CNY’s dishes that stands out for its delightful combination of the meaty texture of the beef and the earthy taste of the mushrooms. Perfect for pampering your taste buds.

Helpful tip 💡: Tender beef cut like a tenderloin, sirloin, or flank is best suited to cook this meal.

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Spicy Curry Noodle Soup

For spice lovers, this spicy curry noodle soup should be on your CNY dishes list! The combination of shallots, ginger, and jalapenos makes your soup taste incredibly refreshing. You can also add chicken cuts and potatoes to enhance its flavour and texture.

Helpful tip 💡: If you decide to add potatoes to your spicy curry noodle soup, make sure to cook them first. This allows them to become tender without overcooking other ingredients.

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Mango and Pineapple Pork Stir Fry

Mango and pineapple pork stir fry is one of the CNY dishes that you have to try. It stands out because of the balanced mixture of mango sweetness, the sourness coming from the pineapple, and the savoury taste of pork.

Helpful tip 💡: Marinade the pork with mango and pineapple a night before you cook this meal.

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Seafood Squid Ink Linguine

Seafood squid ink linguine is a unique Chinese New Year dish to try this year. Unlike regular pasta, it has a silky black hue derived from squid ink. The addition of prawns, scallops, and clams enhances the flavour profile, creating a delightful taste of the sea.

Helpful tip 💡: Clams should be boiled first as they take longer to cook. After that, you can plunge the prawns and scallops, which cook quickly. This ensures that the seafood has the perfect texture and flavour.

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Meatballs with Tomato Sauce

Meatballs is a classic CNY menu that’s loved by almost everyone. Try to cook it for this year’s celebration by combining it with made-from-scratch tomato sauce.

Helpful tip 💡: You can control how spicy the tomato sauce is. If you prefer it spicy, adjust the amount of red pepper to your liking. 

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Lemon Garlic Roasted Chicken Legs

Lemon garlic roasted chicken is a special menu you can serve this year. It has a well-balanced flavour profile due to the combination of fresh lemon, garlic, and juicy roasted chicken legs.

Helpful tip 💡: Marinade the chicken legs for a few hours to enhance the flavour.

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Teriyaki Pork Skewers

Teriyaki pork skewers make an excellent menu to celebrate the festive season. Aside from its savoury teriyaki seasoning, it also has a tender pork texture.

Helpful tip 💡: If you prefer your skewers to be leaner, choose top loin chops. Else, you can use pork belly chops for fattier meat.

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Beef Sirloin Kebabs

Looking to try something new to celebrate CNY? Beef sirloin kebabs are the best option to try. It has a tasty, tender flavour and is low in fat, making it ideal for those who prefer a leaner beef profile.

Helpful tip 💡: Add sauce to enhance the flavour profile. You may try teriyaki, honey mustard, barbecue, and many other sauce options.

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Tomyam Fried Seabass

If you’re a fan of seafood, try tomyam fried seabass! The predominantly sour taste, combined with the softness of the seabass, makes it an ideal CNY dish that pampers your taste buds. 

Helpful tip 💡: Add a sprinkle of zest lime before eating your tomyam fried seabass to enhance the citrusy taste.

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Beef and Capsicums in Black Bean Sauce

The combination of tender beef and a hint of sourness from capsicum dipped in black bean sauce defines this menu. You can cook this with various beef cuts, such as sirloin, tenderloin, or flank.

Helpful tip 💡: Marinade the beef a few hours before cooking to enhance its tenderness.

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Braised Pork in Sweet Soy Sauce

Braised pork in sweet sauce stands out because it is easy to prepare and tastes great. The ingredients needed for making this menu are minimal, and you can easily adjust some ingredients to your liking.

Helpful tip 💡: Add a small amount of miso paste to the sauce to enhance the umami flavour.

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Pan Roasted Pork Chops with Apple and Beans

This menu is worth trying if you fancy a well-balanced meal flavour consisting of savoury pork chops, a hint of apple sourness, and crunchiness from beans. It’s also quick and easy to prepare this meal.

Helpful tip 💡: Add balsamic glaze during the final stage of cooking this meal to add a sweet and tangy flavour.

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Garlic Lamb Stir Fry with Broccoli

Garlic lamb stir fry with broccoli is a fantastic dish for lamb lovers looking for a healthy meal this festive season. The combination of savoury and tender lamb with the crunchiness of broccoli is what makes it truly special. 

Helpful tip 💡: Marinade the lamb meat longer (a few hours to overnight) to enhance its flavour and tenderness profiles.

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Kung Pao Shrimp

Seafood, including shrimp, is a timeless CNY dish usually eaten to celebrate the festive season. It’s distinguished by its soft texture and a combination of spiciness and sourness.

Helpful tip 💡: You can easily adjust the spiciness level of this menu. Simply add paprika powder or red pepper flakes if you prefer a spicier kick,

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Slow-cooker Short Ribs

Slow-cooker short ribs are one of the perfect dishes for a CNY celebration. It has a distinctive tender, beefy taste combined with the savoury taste of the sauce, which you can adjust to your liking.

Helpful tip 💡: Marinade the short ribs overnight to enhance the tenderness meat profile.

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Pork Marbella

Refreshing and delicious is how pork marbella is best described. It is one of the ideal CNY dishes to delight in during the festive season if you and your loved ones are into meals with tangy flavour.

Helpful tip 💡: You may use pork tenderloins or top loins to cook this meal.

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Snapper with Seasonal Vegetables

The dishes served during the CNY celebration often represent hope for the new year. Serving snapper with seasonal vegetables inspires hope for a prosperous new year.

Aside from cultural-wise, this menu is also healthy. It provides nutritious multivitamins and omega-3 oils for the immune system.

Helpful tip 💡: To enhance the smokiness profile, add grilled asparagus to the plating.

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Braised Dim Sum Chicken Feet

Braised dim sum chicken feet is one of the traditional CNY dishes. The spiciness combined with the warmth of ginger is what makes this menu stand out.

Helpful tip 💡: Use broiler chicken feet as they’re more tender and delicate.

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Caramelised Pork Belly (Thit Kho)

Sweet and savoury, that’s how caramelised pork belly is best described. It’s fairly simple to cook this meal, as the fat content in pork belly will automatically give it an extraordinary taste.

Helpful tip 💡: Use free-range pork belly for an enhanced flavour.

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Asian Garlic Beef Cubes

Asian garlic beef cubes are a simple, homey CNY dish that you should try this year. Cooking this menu requires only a few ingredients, but the flavour is sure to be superb.

Helpful tip 💡: The longer you marinade the beef, the more it tenderises. It’s best to marinade it overnight before starting to cook it.

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Baked Salmon with Fennel and Tomatoes

Who doesn’t like salmon? Especially when it’s uniquely prepared. That’s why you should try this baked salmon with fennel and tomatoes to celebrate this year’s festive season.

Helpful tip 💡: Choose salmon fillets with the skin to make the salmon remain juicy and flavourful.

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Laksa Noodle Soup

Laksa noodle soup is one of the famous CNY dishes. It’s refreshing and has a well-balanced flavour from the curry paste, fish sauce, and fresh lime. Definitely a worth-trying menu.

Helpful tip 💡: Add 1-2 tablespoons of chilli paste for an extra kick.

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Braised Shin Shank

If you’re a meat enthusiast, braised shink shank makes a perfect, delightful meal. Add herbs and spices to the broth so that you can enjoy both the beefy flavour and the refreshing taste.

Helpful tip 💡: Marinade the shank for several hours or overnight before cooking. This will increase the tenderness, especially since the shank is known for its tougher texture.

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Minced Lamb Patties

Looking for a lamb dish to celebrate the festive season? Minced lamb patties are a worth-trying menu for you to cook and enjoy with your loved ones. Make sure you also prepare the sauce to enhance its overall flavour.

Helpful tip 💡: Adding 1 tsp of cinnamon and 1 tbsp of mint leaves will make the patties taste more refreshing.

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Beef Bone Broth

Beef bone broth is a popular menu item that should be on your CNY dishes list. It has a beefy flavour and a refreshing taste from the herbs and spices.

Helpful tip 💡: Adding leeks into the mix will add a refreshing flavour to your beef bone broth.

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Sweet and Smokey Rack of Lamb

A perfect flavour combination of the sweet and smokey rack of lamb makes it a delightful CNY dish for you to try. When cooked properly, it has a special tenderness that every lamb lover can’t resist.

Helpful tip 💡: Soak the lamb racks in lime and vinegar water to eliminate the gamey odour. You must also marinate it for a few hours or overnight before cooking to tenderise the meat.

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Butter Chicken Curry

Butter chicken curry is another special CNY dish to try this year. The addition of butter to this menu makes it stand out, resulting in extra savoury flavour and thicker curry concentration.

Helpful tip 💡: Marinade the chicken and paste beforehand for an extra flavour punch.

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Maple Bacon Wings

The festive season isn’t all about eating full menus. You should also prepare snacks to eat with your family. These maple bacon wings, which taste savoury and crunchy, will make a perfect choice to serve as snacks.

Helpful tip 💡: Use broiler chicken wings for extra tenderness.

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Fruity Lamb Tagine

If you’re looking for a refreshing, lamb dish to delight in this CNY celebration, fruity lamb tagine must be on your cooking list. The combination of tender lamb, sumptuous herbs and spices, as well as flavourful chicken stock, is surely something you shouldn’t miss.

Helpful tip 💡: Marinade the lamb for a few hours or overnight to tenderise the meat.

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Honey Dijon Pork Tenderloin

Honey dijon pork tenderloin is characterised by its well-balanced sweet, sourness, and savoury flavours. It’s simple to cook this meal as one of your CNY dishes, as it uses minimal ingredients and takes relatively quick to cook.

Helpful tip 💡: Marinade the pork tenderloin for 30 minutes to 2 hours before cooking to make it extra tender.

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Garlic Scallops

Garlic scallops make a perfect side dish to share with your loved ones. It’s savoury, soft, and has a hint of spiciness, making it a special and worth-trying menu.

Helpful tip 💡: Add ¼ cup of white wine for an extra flavour kick.

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Pork and Mushroom Stir Fry

Pork and mushroom stir fry is one of the classic CNY meals. It has a well-balanced taste from the pork and an earthy taste from the mushrooms. You can also add chicken stock for added flavour.

Helpful tip 💡: You can add ¼ tsp of salt to make the dish more salty.

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Sesame Oil Chicken

Sesame oil chicken is a flavourful and easy-to-prepare dish. It tastes predominantly savoury, as it consists of mainly sesame oil and soy sauce.

Helpful tip 💡: Adding Shaoxing wine or Chinese rice wine will enhance its flavour.

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Smoky BBQ Short Ribs

Smoky BBQ short ribs are one of the special CNY dishes you must try. It stands out due to its smoky, tender, and meat flavour that you shouldn’t miss out on.

Helpful tip 💡: Marinade the short ribs overnight for extra tenderness.

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Pot-roasted Beef Brisket

If you’re looking for something extraordinary for this year’s celebration, pot-roasted beef brisket is the answer! It’s well known for its rich, beefy flavour and has a succulent texture when cooked slow and low.

Helpful tip 💡: A whole beef brisket may take 8 – 12 hours to cook. Ensure you have enough time to spare.

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Have You Decided On Any CNY Dishes To Try This Year?

The menus you finally decide to serve as CNY dishes, of course, will depend on your personal preferences. Whatever your choice, make sure you choose fresh and quality ingredients, ensuring your meals for this festive season are truly special.

If you’re looking for a place to shop all you need to prepare the meals, look no further than our grocery store. Here, you can find organic butchery, seafood, fruit & veggies, other cooking needs, and CNY hampers!


What are the traditional dishes for the CNY celebration?

The traditional dishes for the CNY celebration range from noodles, whole chicken, whole fish, and more.

What are the 7 lucky foods for Chinese New Year?

7 lucky foods for the Chinese New Year celebration include:

  • Noodles (Happiness and Longevity)
  • Whole chicken (Luck)
  • Vegetables (Wealth)
  • Whole fish (Prosperity)
  • Shrimp (Happiness)
  • Spring rolls (Wealth)
  • Dumplings (Wealth)

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